Liveblogging A Baby: She’s Here!

Praise God! At 8 a.m. this morning my baby was pulled from the womb and entered the world. Never has the sound of crying been so sweet to me. She is doing beautifully.

Jen is doing well, although she is in a significant amount of pain. Please continue to pray for us as we navigate through the next couple of days.

As always, God is so good.

  • kerux

    Praising God with you, brother!

    And a beautiful name for a beautiful baby!!!

  • Brando


    Wow, Stephen is a dad. That’s just weird to me. I remember back in the day, when you and I were kids. Now . . . fatherhood.

    That’s a pretty good picture, espicially compared with the one you sent to Adam’s cell phone. We’ll just say that the cell phone picture wasn’t Charis’ best moment – this one looks really cute.

  • Anonymous

    What a cutie!
    God’s blessings on this new addition to the Altrogge/McCombie family!

    Mary Ann K.

  • Lance

    Wonderful news!


    Children do a marvelous job of increasing our dependence upon God and giving us a glimpse of what it is like for Him to be our Father.

    May He bless you richly with Charis upon Charis!