Conference Tip #3

While I’m at the New Attitude conference I thought I would pass along some conference tricks and tips that I’ve learned over the years.  Here’s one of the more practical ones:

Conference Rule #3: Bring Your Own Coffee

What happens when 150 people, all of whom are ordering a double-frap, half-caf, triple-shot, partial-soy, medium-well latte, decide to go to Starbuck’s at the same time? You get a line that stretches three full blocks. So do yourself a favor and bring your own coffee.

Imagine what would happen if everyone brought their own coffee. Could we change the world? Maybe. Could we singlehandedly bring down the Starbuck’s empire? Probably not (nor would I want to).

So here’s to changing the world, one cup of home-brewed coffee at a time.

  • YellerDaisies


    A great tip (though we won’t be in Louisville next year), don’t go to the Starbucks in the Convention Center…there’s one just down the street in the Marriott and it’s never very busy. They also don’t run out of ice and don’t close at weird times. :-)