The Ultimate Conference Guide

While I’m here at the New Attitude conference I thought I would pass along a few conference tips and tricks that I’ve learned over the years. Hopefully these help you when you attend a conference.

Conference Rule #1: Don’t bluff when you can’t remember somebody’s name.

At conferences you run into a lot of people that you sort of know, but can’t remember their name. Don’t try and poker bluff your way out of it with a bunch of generic phrases like:

“Heeeeyyy [long pause] buddy.”

“How is your [pause] your family?”

Everybody knows what you’re trying to pull, so don’t bother. Also, it’s not a good idea to throw out random name guesses (“Is it Barb, or is it Bambie?”). You just look dumb. So just admit that you can’t remember their name and move on.

  • B. Minich

    If I had seen this before I left, I would have advised making sure you grabbed food before the evening session and not counting on getting a late dinner. Unless you are desperate and want to go to White Castle. Which I have successfully avoided.

  • YellerDaisies

    What’s wrong with White Castle? It’s my favorite hamburger!!!!!! :-)

    You can try what I did. I ran into a friend that I love dearly, but completely forgot her name (that’s what happens when you get no sleep and are living off of Iced Doubleshots)…My friend is Cuban and so I just said “Hey, Chica…” Everyone else in the Starbucks didn’t even look up (that’s what happens when everyone is like me and so white :-) ). But, she turned around immediately…it was pretty funny!!!

  • Stephen Altrogge

    White Castle…sick.

  • YellerDaisies

    What??? Sad. How can you not like White Castle?

  • Tim

    Out here on the left coast we can only get WC frozen, 1 box with 8 packages, 2 per package. Bliss. Makes me glad the good Lord gave us the microwave.

    ‘course, WC, fresh or frozen, can’t compare to In-n-out. Word.

  • Tim

    Plus, when you’re stuck for a name just say “dude”, dude. Works even if the dude isn’t a dude.

  • YellerDaisies

    I completely agree. Glad there’s another strange person that loves WC. My family buys the frozen ones (we don’t have any restraunts in the deep south) on a monthly basis. :-)