• http://www.trillfitness.com Trillia

    Oh my that was hilarious!! I love how the broke away to another screen. I love silly stuff like that.

  • http://photosandquotes.blogspot.com/ YellerDaisies

    Wow! Makes we want to go and buy one…sure it’s safe. That was very funny!

  • http://www.emily-sc.blogspot.com Emily

    that’s great! haha! :)

  • http://www.xanga.com/nukeulis Nick

    HAHAHAAHAHAAAA – thanks for the laugh :-D

  • Pat McCombie

    Thanks for the good laugh–makes me want to run out and buy one–maybe even two!

  • Stephen Altrogge

    I wouldn’t buy one of those things after seeing it collapse on it’s creator!

  • http://www.brentrnelson.blogspot.com/ Brent Nelson