My First Day at the Pastor’s College

This past Tuesday was my first day at the Sovereign Grace Ministries Pastor’s College. My good friend Bo Lotinsky, along with some other members of the staff, welcomed me to class by dragging my scooter (not moped!) from the parking lot and doing a little decorating. Needless to say, I got a good laugh, as did the rest of the class. Here’s some photos…

  • Wendy

    That's pretty funny. Freinds are great, aren't they?

  • Emily

    wow that’s special! :)

  • YellerDaisies

    :) That rates up there with some of the other PC stories I’ve heard. That’s great…thanks for sharing.

  • madonna47

    Please tell me you will keep all the decorations on while you ride! Ooops – that will cause a loss of “man points”. Looking forward to hearing how the rest of your time there will be. Praying for you, Jen and Charis daily.

  • ‘Guerite ~ BoldLion

    Cute and great way to welcome someone into the family at Pastor’s College! I love it! It would make me feel at home if that was to happened on me.

    Have fun there but also learn, and learn to Preach the Word! (2 Tim 4:2)

    ‘Guerite ~ BoldLion

  • Laedelas

    HA! Love the gnome.

  • Courtney

    The first day of school can be so nerve racking, but pranks like this are a great reassurance that you are one of the cool kids. :)

  • Aaron


    The very fact that you ride a moped, sorry, “scooter”, brings your post on “man points” into heavy suspicion. Most of us quit riding scooters when we were 12 or so…

    Pretty funny though. Tell my friend Josh J I said what’s up.

  • Stephen Altrogge

    Guerite – Definitely learning to preach the word!

    Laedelas – You can thank my good friend Kyle for the gnome.

    Aaron – Having the courage to ride a scooter in Gaithersburg traffic requires serious manpoints.

  • Stephen Altrogge

    Nathan – Feel free to email me with your question! I tried to email you but your address didn’t work.

    - Stephen

  • Julian

    Well, I suppose that as long as you didn’t wear your Crocs to class you should still have at least a few ‘man points’ left. :-)

  • Stephen Altrogge

    Julian – No Crocs…but I think I should have worn them. It would have fit better with the day…

  • Troy C

    I see the next Stephen Altrogge book title…”Everything I know about facial hair I learned from a gnome.” Are you still trying to grow that stuff?

  • Justin Taylor

    Is it just me or does the scooter like a tad like WALL-E?


  • Stephen Altrogge

    Troy – That gnome is jealous of my facial hair.

    JT – No way dude, my scooter is way tougher…

  • Luz

    glad to see kyle’s putting the gnome to good use. please take good care of him. he was swiped from a lawn from a far away land…

  • Kyle

    Because of your response to this…

    it’s apparent that your scooter isn’t your Goat.