• http://browneyedbasics.wordpress.com Chelsey @ Brown Eyed Basics

    I believe his studio is catching on fire. Is that what you were looking for?

  • Wendy

    That’s crazy. I think it’s really funny that after he sees it he just starts talking faster and faster. Wow. That’s definitely dedication. The show must go on…

  • http://aaronmayfield.blogspot.com Aaron

    Stephen, don’t let Jeff know you don’t recognize the Greek this guy was speaking!! You can also see from the banner behind him what language he’s likely speaking (if he’s going too fast to recognize).

    I think it’s some sort of ad this guy was speeling…

  • http://www.photosandquotes.blogspot.com YellerDaisies

    Wow. That gives a whole new look to dedication on the job. I hope it was an ad…

  • http://www.biblicalservanthood.com NP

    Hey Stephen,

    I saw your self-published book on discerning reader. Did you use Lulu? If so how did you like it. I used createspace.com by Amazon for my book http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/1434810291/flatwave-20.
    I had a good experience but wanted to know your experiences with Lulu. Also have run into my good friend Josh Jordan at the PC. if so tell em Natey P says hi!


  • Stephen Altrogge

    Hey Nate –

    My experience with Lulu was very good. They’re really easy to work with. Highly recommend them…

  • http://www.worshipfulreader.blogspot.com Ron Reffett

    Wow! That’s got to be the hottest show on the radio in that country!….hahaha! The Hottest Show! oh boy, I crack myself up!


    Ron Reffett