How Many Blogs Do You Read?

I’m a curious guy, in the sense that I’m curious about things, not curious looking. Today I’m curious (about) your blog reading habits.

How many blogs do you read on a daily basis?

If you use a blog reader, how many blogs do you subscribe to?

If you’ve never commented here, now’s the time to join the party.

Update: For those who are interested, I subscribe to 17 blogs in Google Reader.

  • John A. Taylor

    I use Google Reader to track 154 blogs.

  • Steven Tran

    I also use Google Reader to track 36 blogs…

    John – 154?!?!

  • James Kubecki

    I have 84 in my Google Reader. As far as how many I “read” per day – I read blogs like a newspaper. Google Reader helps tremendously. I scan headlines and opening graphs, and actually “read” maybe a dozen posts (not blogs, individual posts) per day.

  • Emily

    wow. I just found out that I have 82 blogs on my reader! I use google reader. It’s the easiest. I read only the updated ones, so it varies.

  • Emily

    I read about 50 blogs each week… but i don’t use a reader. I find if I do that, then I spend too much time on blogs and not enough time doing other important things… like working, eating and sleeping! :) so, there are probably 10 blogs that I check out every morning during my typical “blog-time” and the rest I read a few times a week.

  • Trinity

    I use google reader and keep up with 4 blogs-Yours being one I read daily-Sorry, I never comment:)

  • Jason

    I track 25 blogs through Google Reader.

  • JLS

    I am as James, but am subscribed to 312 blogs in Google Reader.
    Again, I only skim the headlines and read what catches my attention.

  • Kohn Kuvakas

    I track 65 but only read 6 or 8 daily.

  • YellerDaisies

    I regularly frequent about 15 or so blogs. I don’t use Google reader. I have a blogroll on my blog. It “updates” and tells me when someone has posted something new. This helps keep me from endless surfing of the internet. :) I have other blogs that I will check once a week or once every couple of weeks.

  • Molly

    I have 15 in Google Reader and do try to browse through it once a day. Then, I might read 2-6 more depending on what was talked about in any of those blogs. Abraham Piper asked this question, too.

  • Barry

    I use Google Reader to subscribe to exactly 99 blogs. Not all of them post something every day, though – some are just weekly or monthly, and there are a few that haven’t posted for months (I really should unsubscribe to those…)

  • Jill

    This post inspired me to do some much-needed housecleaning in my Google Reader… I deleted about 10 blogs that were either inactive or uninteresting, so I am now subscribed to 78 blogs/sites. A couple are news sites, and a couple are wikis that I manage for the classes I teach. I’d say I read about 50 actual blog posts a day.

  • Galephico

    I use Google Reader to subscribe and read to 20 blogs.

  • jason d

    I track 95 subscriptions in Google Reader and here are the “stats” from Google Reader for the last month:

    From your 94 subscriptions, over the last 30 days you read 1,392 items, starred 17 items, shared 91 items, and emailed 21 items.

    I usually scan headlines and content and as far as reading a entire blog entry that interest me I would guess 10-15 per day.

  • Don

    To buck the trend I user Outlook as my RSS/Blog aggregator – gives me a single place to read my blogs & email.
    I currently have 28 subscriptions, across a spectrum with about 13 that have regular/daily postings.

  • Simon

    Hi, I’m Simon and I’m a blogaholic – I just checked and I have 386 blogs in Google Reader. I do just skim most things though but working in technology I do have to keep up to date on lots of bits.

  • Bob

    My wife and I subscribe to 11 blogs using Google reader. Yours is our favorite and probably the only one we check daily. Thanks.

  • diane

    i subscribe to 47 via google reader but I don’t read all 47 every day… but i do catch up with some several times a day!

  • Kristy B.

    I read 28 blogs daily. Thankfully most of them post daily so I’m not surfing the net for nothing!!!

  • Steve S

    I visit 50, although some of them don’t update daily.

  • Chelsey @ only help my unbelief

    I have 312 subscriptions, but I’d venture to say that at least 25% of those don’t update very often. I’m a pretty quick reader, and a fair amount of those blogs are cooking/recipe blogs, so I don’t actually read the posts… I look at the picture and the title and if it looks good, I star it.

  • Matt W

    I follow 20 via Google Reader.

  • ianmcn

    63 blogs in google reader, probably read about 15 – 20 on a daily basis.

  • Nick

    I read about 8 blogs a day.
    i follow 16 through google reader

  • James

    75 blogs ; NetNewsWire

  • Wendy

    Wow… i don’t think i could keep up with all of the blogs that most of the comments have listed. I have 2 that I check daily (yours and one other) and probably a couple others that I read once or twice a week and probably 3 others that I might read a couple times a month.

  • Josh Calvetti

    It would appear I am the only other NetNewsWire user (yet). I’m subscribed to about 33 blogs/feeds. I really love the ability to have them synced back and forth from my iPod Touch in the NetNewsWire app from the app store.

    Craigslist has all their listings available as RSS feeds as well, so I’m subscribed to the JBL Creature Speakers listing.

  • Marge S.

    I use Google Reader and have 25 subscriptions right now. Most are friends’ and family members’ personal blogs which don’t get updated daily. So I guess I actually read 10 or less a day.

  • Sarah D.

    I use Google Reader to keep track of 190-ish blogs. Most are photo blogs (I’m a photographer), so I don’t actually read all of those. But I read a lot of them. =)

  • Dorothy

    I have 19 in my reader and then about 6 others that I check on a semi-regular basis.

  • Chris

    I have 44 blogs in Bloglines, but I only read about half of them regularly. Not a single blog sent me a Christmas card though, so I am re-evaluating my subscriptions…

  • Megan Liz

    Wow, how do you guys keep up with all these??? I read about six or seven a day…three about once a week.

  • Vicki

    Thanks for asking this Stephen. I was wondering myself… 23 for me.

  • John

    I read about 15 but only track 10.

  • Thomas Clay

    I have about a dozen but I’m not subscribed to any of them. I like the process of actually going to the website to see if anything new is there. Call me old-fashioned…

  • Aimee

    Wow, and I thought I was addicted to blogs! I read 11 or 12 blogs, but I’m not subscribed to any of them. I used to check all of them every day, but then I realized that that was wasting about an hour every day–especially if there were no new posts. Now I only check blogs on Saturday. This way, I only spend about 2 hours each week on blogs.

  • Stephen

    40 total. I used to have upwards of 100 but culled through them a few months back.

    Using Beta.Bloglines.

  • Josh

    I am clocking in at 56 blogs via Google Reader.

  • beth

    about 62-
    but i read more that i don’t subscribe to

  • Pat McCombie

    Stephen–believe it or not I only read yours and Jen’s daily. You two are the most important to me!!

  • Pat McCombie

    Oops! I forgot that I also read Ian’s blog on a regular basis. I’m always so blessed to hear of his progress.

  • Patrick Whitchurch

    I’ve got 18 subscriptions on Google Reader.

  • Courtney

    I have a blogroll on my own blog that updates when people post, so I don’t use a reader. I read 10 blogs regularly.

  • Larry Geiger

    6 or 7
    No blog reader, I just browse.

  • Erik

    I’d say I’m a lurker at most of the 28 blogs that I read. And I’d say I hang around about the sites around 96 seconds. Interesting comments from all.

  • Robin

    I get this blog and “Of First Importance” by e-mail and they are the only 2 that I read on a daily basis. There is one other (a friend’s) that I check a couple ot times a week and 3-5 others that I check a few times a month. I don’t know how so many people can keep up with so many blogs.