Coldplay Speaks

This past Sunday night on 60 minutes Steve Kroft interviewed Coldplay just before the Grammies, where the band won best rock album and song of the year.

I’m not saying they’re Christians, but I could see much of God’s common grace in the interview.  For example:


“We rely more on enthusiasm than actual skill,” lead singer Chris Martin said. “Whatever you do, do it enthusiastically and people will like it more.”

Enthusiasm should be the hallmark of Christians.  We serve the most glorious King in the most glorious cause. How enthusiastic we should be about worshiping Jesus!


“And the other reason why we do well is because U2 is still on holiday. So…they’re back in March. So, you know, as soon as they come back, we drop down the ladder a bit,” Chris Martin joked. “So, we’re in our last week of substitute teaching.”

Chris Martin was self-effacing.  That’s how Christians should be.  We shouldn’t take ourselves seriously. “To the humble he gives favor” (PR 3.34)


“They all share equally in the profits and Will Champion [drummer] and Guy Berryman [bass player] are thrilled that Chris Martin gets all the attention.”

“I couldn’t imagine coming out of my house and there being photographers out there. I wouldn’t be able to just walk away from that,” Berryman said.

“It’s a blessing to be in this band and to not be the singer,” Champion added.

“They seem perfectly happy to let you have…the spotlight,” said Kroft.

Believers should be glad when others are honored.  “Let us not become conceited, provoking one another, envying one another” (GA 5.26).


“I can’t dance like Usher. I can’t sing like Beyonce. I can’t write songs like Elton John,” Martin said. “But, we can do the best we can with what we’ve got… And so that’s what we do. We just go for it.”

Believers should do the best we can with what we’ve got.  “The hand of the diligent makes rich” (PR 10.4)

“Look, you guys are one of the biggest groups in the world right now. How did that happen?” Kroft asked.

“All we do is, we try really, really hard,” Jonny Buckland, lead guitarist said, laughing.

Christians should try really, really hard to work out our salvation, since God is working in us to will and work for his good pleasure (PHP 2.12).

Enthusiasm, humility, diligence.  Let’s pursue these qualities for God’s glory!

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photo by Christoph!

  • Boaly

    This is a great post (As usual on the blazing center), thanks for relating this

  • Dave Bissett

    Excellent eyes and ears to pick this up. Nice job, and helpful. db

  • Mark Altrogge

    Thanks Boaly!

    Thank you Dave!

  • Tim

    I have just recently come across your site here, and then find my favourite band included in it!

    It’s amazing when you look at some of the lyrics in some of the songs how they could so easily be interpretted in a “christian” way. This was a thought I had had when the latest album Viva la Vida came out, and I soon found a thread on coldplay forums about Coldplay’s Spiritual Side (although it does turn into a bit of a slagging match between Christians and non christians). The guy link two articles from Christianity today, and i have since found a third, with tracks from 3 albums highlighted for what could be seen as spiritual meaning as such. the top 3 links are to their “reviews” of 3 coldplay albums and the christian links in them.

    Note I’m by no way stating Coldplay are Christian in anyway, just showing another image of how they can portray some Christian ideas etc in their lyrics as well as lifestyle.

  • Ron Reffett

    Hey Mark!
    Great post, I’ve always liked Coldplay ever since the radio killed the song “Yellow”
    Great reminder today of what we are to be as ones who reflect God’s glory to a watching world.
    Ron Reffett

  • Mark Altrogge

    Hey Tim,

    Thanks for the comments and the link – I’ll try to check it out.

    Hi Ron,

    Thanks for commenting – Amen, may our enthusiasm and joy be a reflection of God’s glory to a watching world.

  • Briana

    LA and I watched that 60 Minutes episode and were equally impressed with that interview as well as the one with Cpt. Sully and his crew. It was a refreshing change from the normal slant 60 Minutes takes.

  • Mark Altrogge

    Hi Briana,

    I didn’t see the one with Cpt. Sully and crew, but I read some quotes he made about them just doing their job, which I thought was humble.

    I appreciated how Coldplay didn’t seem to be full of themselves.

  • beth


  • Mark Altrogge

    thanks Beth!

  • Paul Huxley

    I know several people who used to go on Christian holiday camps with Chris Martin or other members of his family. Not saying he is a Christian but he’s had the influence there.

  • Mark Altrogge


    That’s great to hear. Who knows how the Word of God may someday bear fruit in his life?

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