Helping God

I’ve got a two year-old daughter named Charis who loves to ‘help’ her dad.

When I’m getting ready for work in the morning, I hand her my socks and she ‘helps’ me by holding them until I’m ready to put them on.

She ‘helped’ me rake leaves the other day by dragging her rake through a pile I had already made and spreading the leaves throughout the yard.

When I see Charis helping me, I get a little glimpse of what our service to God is like. Paul said:

“…work out your own salvation with fear and trembling, for it is God who works in you, both to will and to work for his good pleasure.” (Philippians 2:12-13)

When Charis helps me, she is working with all her might. But in reality, I’m the one doing everything. I hand her the socks. I put them on my feet. And then I applaud her and thank her when I’m done.

We work with all our might, and yet it’s God who is at work in us. And He delights in our work. I’m grateful for grace, aren’t you?

What do kids teach you about the grace of God?

  • Deek Dubberly

    Enjoyed the post. Kids teach me how to trust in God’s grace. When I was a little kid I remembering thinking that my Dad could do anything. If he was ever with me I knew that I had nothing to be afraid of. The same is true, of course, with our heavenly Father, though to an even greater extent. Knowing that he’s with us, and that he’s gracious, should make all the difference in the world.

  • YellerDaisies

    Kids a glimpse into the patience of God. I was babysitting last night and of the little tykes I was watching didn’t have a very good night. In fact, I think it was his worst night to date. When Mom came to get him, he wouldn’t apologize and it took a couple trips to the bedroom, before he would. :) Of course, that didn’t change my love for or desire to forgive him (he’s simply adorable!). It was a reminder of my Savior’s love and patience. He gave His life for me. He’s patient even when I sin again and again and again. He’s patient when I’m stubborn and do not want to change. What a Savior!

    • YellerDaisies

      “Kids give us a glimpse into the patience of God.” :)

  • http://WebsiteURL Ben Hastings

    I have had to learn to be willing to slow down my plans for completing projects so my 6 & nearly 4 year old daughters can help. They do give it their all, but they often wear out quickly, too. That’s another great lesson – just because they wear out, I still love them and ask them to work the next time. God continues to patiently bear with us, extending opportunities for us to continue to serve Him!

  • Dan Smith

    I am continually amazed by what grace must look like. When my kids do something wrong, and they show that earnest desire to do it right next time, I realize what I must look like to God. And when I give them that grace (in however small doses a human can give), I realize what it looks like to get the infinite amount of grace from God. Pretty powerful stuff!

  • Richard Jarman

    Great post, Stephen! I don’t feel like I really understood God’s grace until I had kids. Also, since all our kids are adopted, I feel like I have a whole new understanding about how God brings us into His family and makes us His.

    It’s amazing to me–my kids have no biological ties to my wife or myself. (They’re not even the same race!) But they are mine. I never even think of them as adopted. They’re just mine, and I would do anything for them.

    God does the same thing with us. He brings us into His family, and we are His. His great love and mercy makes us into His children, members of His family. It amazes me every day.