Win a Copy of Sojourn Music’s “Over the Grave”


UPDATE: The contest is closed. Winners are announced in the side blog. If you won, please email me your shipping address. Thanks for playing!

For the past three months, I have been raving about Sojourn Music’s latest release Over the Grave. It is BY FAR my favorite worship album of 2009.

Today I wanted to introduce you to one of the main men behind the project, Mike Cosper, the Pastor of Worship and Arts at Sojourn Community Church in Louisville, Kentucky. Mike graciously agreed to answer a few questions about the album and also to give away five copies.

Could you describe the “Over the Grave” album?

Over the Grave is our first attempt at reworking and reimagining the hymns of Isaac Watts. The idea was to dig into Watts’ work and tap into the incredibly rich resources he provides. We wanted to focus on concepts for which we’d struggled to find songs – death, judgment, resurrection, and substitutionary atonement. We also wanted to musically “paint the picture” of those texts in modern sounds, so it’s a dark, aggressive, and passionate record.

Why did you choose to do all songs by Isaac Watts?

We’ve been singing modern arrangements of hymns for a while. The stuff that the two graces have been putting out (Indelible Grace and Sovereign Grace) has been a tremendous help. We noticed as we entered that world that many of our favorites were Isaac Watts. So I began to read through his hymnals and read about his life. It’s an amazing story. Watts life began with his mother nursing him on a stool outside a prison, where his father was being chained up for refusing to deny Sola Scriptura and refusing to conform. He grew up to be a brilliant pastor who knew that what people sang shaped what they believed, and he went to great pains to teach deep doctrine in his songs. In the process, he became the father of the modern hymn, and frankly, the father of English contextualization.

The album is super creative. What kind of sound were you trying to get with the album? What were you trying to avoid?

First and foremost, we were trying to create sounds that helped people imagine and emotionally participate in the texts. We also wanted to try to branch away from the four-on-the-floor rock songs that typify modern worship. Neil (one of our musicians and the record’s producer) is an absolutely brilliant musician and had a vision for a sound that was almost cinematic. At the same time, we tried to do things that we could pull of in our services. On that front, for the most part, we succeeded. Most of the sounds are fairly seamless with what we try to do every week at Sojourn.

How do you hope the album encourages people?

I hope more than anything that people hear the texts and hear the bold proclamation of the cross throughout the record. I hope it simultaneously shines a light on our sin and the abundant provision of grace by our great God. Secondary to that, I hope that people just enjoy the music, and that it has staying power in their iPods and car stereos.

Okay, now here’s how you can win a copy of the CD.

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  • Jonny King

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    "If My Centre (I am a Kiwi after all) is Not Blazed with this Music, from Within to Without My Earthly Sojourn, I will Scream Protestations of an Inner Longing, of Melodies Lost and Unheard, in My Land of the Long White Cloud (Aotearoa), Unto the Ends of this Sun-Scorched Earth!"

    Almost Brings Tears to My Nostrils!

  • Abigail

    To win Over the Grave,
    It'd be all the rave.
    To win would be cool,
    I might do a dance in the pool.
    Winning would be exciting,
    better than a jaguar sighting.

    Ok, so its lame…but I tried to be creative. ;)

  • Deek Dubberly

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  • emily

    i'm getting married in 71 days. this would be a wonderful wedding gift. :)

  • Paul

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    "I must have this CD or I will scream" or something like that.

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    I am going all the way to Louisville just to listen to their music. Well, I am going because of the T4G conference, but I'm gonna go to Sojourn while I'm down there.

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    I have an hour commute to work, and I really need some new music to listen to!

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    It's not available in germany yet, but I must have it. The songs are great!!!!!!

  • lisa

    If I don't win this CD to give to my husband, he will continue listening to nothing but "In a Little While."

  • Josh

    God has used "Before the Throne" to declare His faithfulness through some rough periods, I am confident that this is another example of God's people using God's gifts to declare His glory! We would love to get a copy!

  • Mandi

    I'm sold – Just RT'd.

  • Brian

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    “I must have this CD or I will scream,” or something like that.

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  • Chris Land

    I bought my first Sovereign Grace CD a month ago and I would love to have this one. I am so thankful that different churches and ministries are producing Cross-centered, Christ-exalting music.

    Okay, time to say something funny: Please let me win or I will scream or cryor something.

  • Holly

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  • Courtney

    I downloaded Sojourn's Christmas cd for free a few months back when a friend emailed me about a promotion. We loved that album, I'm sure this one would be thoroughly enjoyed as well. If I don't win.. well, I guess I'll have to buy it. Thanks so much for sharing. I had rather forgotten about Sojourn since putting the Christmas music away.

  • Michelle DeCarlo

    I must have this CD or I will vomit!! :)

  • Jason Bradshaw

    If you guys are giving, I'm willing to take. Been wanting to hear this record for a while now.

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  • Matthew Hoskinson

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  • Cesar

    Would love to have a copy. Have been blessed very much by their Advent CD and some of the free songs they put online.

  • frank taylor

    Please don't overlook me! Please don't make me stand here on the kickball pitchers mound in shame as all the other kids get picked… please….please, i''ll do your math homework..

    oh, sorry, flashback there.

    can i please have a cd?

  • naomi

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    Curses! I can never get that Jedi mind trick to work any more!

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    For this CD, I would boldly use a mixture of chile powder and iodized salt in my NETI-POT. Yes. You read it right – IODIZED salt! My sinal cavity will never be the same.

  • @gottheology

    I have heard some of Soujourn's stuff and it is tremendous. I would loooooove this CD.

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  • Massiel

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  • josh o

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    • josh o.

      that would be the first music team member of my home church! ha!

  • Dan McCarlson

    "I hope more than anything that people hear the texts and hear the bold proclamation of the cross throughout the record." I would love some of that.

  • Steve

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  • Anonymous

    My husband is a musician/singer/songwriter/worship leader, and I think he must have this! I have shared this page on facebook. We love the two graces!

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    I have nothing witty to say, and I shan't scream if I'm not chosen. I would be honored to be blessed with free music. It's probably, aside from prayer, the most commonly used means of communication that our Heavenly Father uses to speak with me, and so many others. Will you pick me? I dunno? Will I buy these lovely tunes if you don't? Yep. Will the Lord speak to me through them? YEP! He's faithful that way. Good stuff. Good stuff, indeed.

  • http://www.jibenow/christinahastings Christina

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  • Erik Huff

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