The Sense Of Direction Of A Headless Chicken

I trust my GPS implicitly, even over my own senses, because I have the sense of direction of a headless chicken.

But recently I followed my Garmin’s British accent right into the heart of Washington, D.C. on a Friday at rush hour, rather than taking the bypass around the city, adding 2 hours to my trip.  My Garmin always takes me on the most direct route, even if it requires that I drive for miles in stop and go traffic.  I guess I shouldn’t always trust it implicitly.

But when it comes to trusting God, that’s different:

I am determined that if all my senses contradict God, I would rather deny every one of them than believe that God could lie. –-Spurgeon

This is the good fight of faith.  To fight to trust God’s word rather than our senses, our own interpretation of events, or the lies of the devil.  What else do we have to hold to but God’s word?  As Peter said, “Lord, to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life.” (John 6:68).

Our eyes say, “I don’t see God working in my child.”  Our emotions scream, “I can’t feel God in my loneliness.”  Our minds cry out, “I can’t see how God can be good in this situation.”  But God’s word remains true, unchanging, and trustworthy, because God is true, unchanging and trustworthy.  He doesn’t change his mind, revise his plans or come up with a better way.  He keeps his promises.

So who or what are you going to believe – God, who cannot lie, or your finite senses that are as reliable as a headless chicken?

  • Ana Lia

    Wow, this journal is amazing! And describes my constant attitude towards some situations in my life! I'm such a headless chicken, sometimes!
    I loved the analogy! and thanks, so much for posting it, because it has being very helpful for me!

    • MarkAltrogge

      Hey Ana,

      Welcome to the headless chicken club – I'm president. But glad to have you as a member. Glad the post was encouraging.

  • Petra Hefner

    Great article! Will share!!

  • MarkAltrogge

    Hi Petra,

    Thanks for the encouragement and for sharing!

  • Elaine

    What a picture! Describes me to a "T" when I trust my own understanding, which is more often than I would like to admit. Thankful the Lord is faithful even to us headless chickens.

    Thanks for the encouragement, Mark.

    • MarkAltrogge

      You\’re welcome, Elaine! Thanks for your comments. –Mark, President, Headless Chickens of America

  • Caroline

    Needed to hear this so badly!!! To remember that God is good and unchanging and keeps His promises. Just recently I had to make certain decisions as regards my new job. And many a times I was getting carried away by my emotions and the devil's lies.

    It was good to be reminded that He is trust worthy. thanks for the post :)