The Weekly Roundup

Here are some links for your viewing pleasure:

Grace Is Not Earned – Bob Kauflin gives away some free music from artist Kate Simmonds.

Cautions for Mere Christianity – I’m a big C.S. Lewis fan. Kevin DeYoung offers some wise cautions in regards to Lewis’ book Mere Christianity.

Discover New Music With “MySpoonful” – I love finding new music, and the website MySpoonful seems like a pretty cool way to find music.

The World’s Muslim Population Doubles – This article from Time is a sobering reminder that the world’s population could be up to 25% Muslim by 2030. Let’s pray for God’s kingdom to come.

Aiming High, Missing Low, Aiming High Again – Tony Reinke mines the wisdom of John Newton discussing our failures as Christians.

Man Passes Out On Jeopardy – This is just plain funny.

  • Erik

    Just curious…will The Weekly Roundup be commonplace here on The Blazing Center now, similar to Challies' A La Carte? If so, cool; I'll be looking forward to your link referrals.

    • StephenAltrogge

      I don\’t know. We\’ll see. Do you think I should stick with it?

  • Erik

    Without a doubt, I would stick with The Weekly Roundup. But hey, that's just me. ;)

    I do realize it would be a bit more work/effort on your part to provide the links, however, us subscribers will enjoy discovering new posts (and sites) that carry content similar to yours: Christ-centered with a touch of classic humor to it. ;)

    Even though my site is a 'quotes only site', I try and refer my subscribers to other similar Christ-centered quote sites so they can be encouraged by others who might be "under the radar" in the blogosphere.

    Now that you (and your Dad) are "big wigs" in the Reformed blogosphere with Tim Challies, Justin Taylor, etc, it's time to step up and "give back to the community". LOL!

    Anyhow, that's just my $.02. :-)