The Lord of the Rings Church

Yet another incredible church building. To me this looks like something out of The Lord of the Rings. I think the Riders of Rohan would love this church. What are your thoughts on this church?

(via Bored Panda)

  • Derek Thornton

    We have a replica of this church in Rapid City, SD.

  • Dave

    Thor's wedding chapel.

  • David Beirne

    Wonder which of those upper levels is the youth room?

  • Vince

    Stephen, they are stunning buildings, principally Norwegian, methinks. We saw one near Bergen, Norway last summer. It had been burnt to the ground by a Satanist several years before, and rebuilt using some of the original timbers, still part-charred. And of course, Lord Of The Rings style is apt, as JRRT was inspired by Norse legends.

  • Vince

    And here's a "Knights of the Round Table" chapel we've been to as well, on the cliffs of South Wales…

  • JoeS

    I love that church. My parents got to go there last year and I was very envious. BTW, it's called a Stave Church.

    Derek, I would gladly drive there from the Twin Cities if it were only on the near side of SD.

  • Andrew C

    Stephen, what I find to be the most incredible part of that stave church has to be the carved doorways. If you haven't seen them before, they are positively mind-blowing! A quick google search for "urnes stave church carving" should give you an idea.

    I'd love to go to church in a place like that…