Win A Copy Of “Note To Self” By Joe Thorn

Today I want to give away three copies of a new book that I’ve been hearing a lot of good things about. That book is called Note to Self: The Discipline of Preaching to Yourself by Joe Thorn. This is a short book that packs a punch. If you don’t have much time to read, the 2-3 page chapters are perfect for you.

Here is how the book is described:

We need good preaching—preaching that challenges us by God’s Word and brings the comfort that comes from God’s promises. Yet many of us rely solely on others to preach to us and are not benefitting from the kind of preaching that should be most consistent and personal—preaching to ourselves.

Note to Self is a practical introduction to this daily discipline. Pastor Joe Thorn delivers fifty brief, devotional chapters that model preaching the gospel to ourselves and its practical implications. Readers will be challenged by the book’s direct, personal exhortations to apply the law and the gospel to their own lives.

To win a copy of the book, use the form below: (note RSS and email readers need to click through to the actual post). The giveaway ends on Monday.

  • Daniel

    I've been reading Note to Self and have benefited greatly from it. I would love to have a copy to give to one of my friends.

  • Ken Nichols

    I am a Pastor, who loves to read good books, then give them away to people in my congregation so they can be helped.

  • Greg Warner

    I've learned that preaching to myself is totally vital, especially after listening to C.J. Mahaney's message on the Troubled Soul from Psalms. When I stop proclaiming the power of the gospel to myself with conviction I find myself starting to love this present world. Any help is this direction is something I search for often.

  • Jennifer Bryner

    I need this book because I rely solely on others to preach the gospel to me and preach the bible in church so I can understand what God really means in His scriptures.

  • Thad Bergmeier

    I need to be preached to…. :)

  • Jared Chambers

    I need to learn how to 'preach' to myself rather than 'berate.'

  • Richard Christian

    I've had this one on my wish list for a while. No one that I know needs to be preached to more than myself.

  • benthorp

    As a periodic preacher, I am all too aware of the temptation to solely preach to others, and fail to preach to myself. Plus, this book seems to come with a list of recommendations longer than my arm ;)

  • Shannon Dingle

    I have heard great things about this book and would love to own it! It's been on wish list for a while.

  • Corey

    I would like this book because it is crucial for Christians to preach the gospel to ourselves. I've also heard good things about it!

  • John

    It is so important to not listen to ourselves, but preach the gospel to ourselves.

  • Sara Jane Failor

    i desire and need to be reminded of truth, and joe ryer recommended this book for that purpose. and i am broke as a joke right now. :-)

  • Jeff

    I forget the Gospel every day and I need to be reminded of it.

  • Bill B

    I need to preach to myself more. I realized that and then heard about this book.

  • Heather

    Because you recommended it and because it's free.

  • @elohimito

    Because I like punch and this book packs it.

  • Ricky

    Because I've heard great things about it and the excerpts I read are excellent

  • @leecostic

    struggling to find some self-discpline (plus I'm a slacker when it comes to reading

  • John Kuvakas

    Because this area is one I struggle with

  • treenewt

    Because I need to constantly remind myself the truths of the gospel!

  • Daniel

    Because I like to read good books!

  • Ben Makuh

    I'm just not very good at preaching to myself.

  • Billie

    Hand over the book and no one gets hurt. ;)

  • Billie

    Oh, and I would like this book because those short chapters would fit wonderfully into my life right now!

  • anna

    I would love to have a copy to give to my husband. He has really wanted to read this book!

  • KimC

    I would benefit from receiving this book as well as my family. Thanks!

  • Max Youngblood

    Sounds like my kind of book!

  • Ryan

    I want this book because I need to preach to myself daily. Its easy to preach to others, but to preach to yourself is a whole different story.

  • Delane

    I would love to have a copy of this book….to preach(daily) to myself the gospel of Christ—to share with everyone on my journey through every day of this life.

  • Seth

    I have heard great things from several friends about this book, and it has been on my to-read list for several weeks now.

  • Josh

    Sounds like a really practical book on living out the Gospel – would love to read and recommend to others (if it’s good ;) !

  • Doug

    I've heard of the book and would love to read it.

  • andib

    I want to learn to preach the gospel to myself continually. I would love to see the gospel's power to break the bondage of sin in my life. I would love to share the gospel with my family.

  • Dave

    Preaching the Gospel to myself is something I could definitely use some help with!

  • Stephen Brush

    Why do I want this book? To read it and cherish Jesus and the Gospel more.

  • @AaronSellars

    I've browsed through the book and it is awesome. Would love to have and share with others at my house.

  • Dawn

    Too often I forget how great the gospel is everyday, for me!

  • Shanyl Philip

    As a final year university student and a young christian; this book will help me along with the bible as I make the transition from a student to a working man.

  • @willieharris

    Yes, I've heard good things about this book and would love to win a copy! Thanks!

  • kelly c

    so awesome.

  • matt

    i love to read all great books about the gospel and preaching it to yourself!

  • Kyle

    I need to preach to myself what this book says about preaching to myself so I can preach to myself better

  • Ricky St Claire

    I would like a copy of this book because I really need to get better at preaching to myself instead of just listening to myself.

  • Michelle

    This book would help me to better walk in the Spirit. Thanks!

  • Lydia

    My mind needs renewing since its not His voice I'm hearing. I could use some help to talk back to myself.

  • Cole

    To read, reread and pass it along…I hear it a great book

  • Baylie Wintle

    Wow! This is something that God's been teaching me about…so cool that there's a book on it.

  • ardaemrys

    It sounds like a good book… and preaching to myself is something that has to happen on a daily… hourly… basis.

  • Chris McCarnan

    Sounds like a book God could use in me and through me. Recommended by people I respect.

  • Cheryl

    Sounds perfect for me!

  • Andy

    Preaching the gospel to myself is oh so necessary. Having a resources to loan out to others would help as well

  • Rachel McC

    Love to read, apply, then recycle by sharing good books w the local body!

  • Pastor Dave Bissett

    Thanks for the free give away. db

  • Camilla

    I'm interested in having this book so that my relationship with God can continue to grow. I am relying solely on others preaching to me, but I need to have that personal preaching to myself as well.

  • Rick

    I like Joe's blog and would like to read his book.

  • Jonathan

    I need the constant reminders to preach the gospel to myself and this book would really help!

  • bkickin

    this is JUST where I am right now in my spiritual growth. I am learning the value of the Gospel in the day to day and the struggle to recall Truth in the moment (preach to myself). I think this book would be priceless in the process.

  • Ifan

    I've had a friend recommend the book to me.

  • ccoppen

    I definitely need preaching to all the time and to learn a better way of preaching to myself would be great.

  • Ana Marie

    I believe this book will be beneficial as I study counseling.

  • Josh

    because after being in a Sovereign Grace church for almost six years, hearing excellent biblical preaching, studying romans personally this year… I STILL struggle with legalism, condemnation and a just plain "not getting" the Gospel practically and functionally!

  • Andy Manwiller

    Sounds like a challenging read for me. Short chapters are quite helpful to my read-ability as well!

  • Dan Hardesty

    I've loved reading it and would love to give one away. I just recommended it to a group of guys last night.

  • Cody

    I would like this book so that I could more effectively preach to myself

  • Jessica

    I would love to have a copy of this book because this is an area I need to grow in!

  • allen

    I want a copy of this book because Sam Storms wrote the forward and he's the man. And because I want to preach to myself more often than I preach to others.

  • Sara Jane Failor

    who got the book?

  • smoothcriminole

    I was just this morning encouraged by my pastor as he was reading this book, I would really enjoy it. simply put.