The (Almost) Effortless Way To Bless Others

Much of our serving others requires effort, labor and time. Helping a family move or babysitting or cooking a meal for someone involves work.

But God gives us an almost effortless way to bless others.

A little thought might be required, maybe, but you’re not going to break into a sweat or pull a muscle doing this.  (If you do, you’re really out of shape.)  This way of blessing others is so easy, we shouldn’t be rewarded for it, but our lavish God does.

Here it is:

The mouth of the righteous is a fountain of life  (Proverbs 10.11)

With our mouths we can give life to others.  We can encourage, thank, appreciate, build up, edify, and point others to Christ with our mouths.  We can stir up, give hope, lift up the downcast and love.  We can teach, bless and sing God’s glorious truths. We can strengthen the weary, or point out where God is working in their lives.  We can pray for others, express our compassion and warn against temptation.  We can welcome newcomers to church.  We can counsel, read Scriptures to each other and share our testimonies.  We can extend forgiveness, teach our children, and tell the good news of Jesus.

Not only can our mouths impart life to others; we can benefit ourselves with our mouths.  When we thank and praise God or rehearse his promises to ourselves, we build our faith and increase our joy.

O Lord Jesus,
Thank you for the gift of speech
Please use me this week
To give life to others
To encourage the weary
To lift up the faint-hearted
To point people to their Savior
To build up your saints
To give your people grace and hope
Please fill me with your Spirit
And give me boldness and opportunities
To share the gospel.
Thank you, Lord.


photo by PinkMoose

  • Elaine Eshleman

    Thanks, Mark! These posts are always exactly what I need to hear!

    Back in Charleston, Friendship Park, a gorgeous water-front park, has a beautiful pineapple foutain that is incredible. The detail in it is amazing and people are drawn to it because of its beauty with its bronze features and tumbling, sparkling water. Such a great word picture. Thanks again!

    • MarkAltrogge

      I want to be like that fountain in Charleston, Elaine! Thanks for sharing!

  • Randy

    More of this type of encouragement and direction is needed and less mindless video links, thank you Mark.


    • Mark Altrogge

      Thanks Randy. The reason we post videos at times is to show God’s creativity he gives people or to enjoy God’s gift of laughter. We hope that we can glorify God in both serious posts and humorous ones. thanks again – I am really grateful that you care enough about us to express your opinion.

  • amysioux

    LOVE THIS… Thank you.

    • Mark Altrogge

      Thanks Amy!

  • briana

    I'm so used to hearing messages and reading devotionals on how the mouth can be used for evil and to guard against that. While this is true, I appreciate reading and being encouraged on ways our mouths/words can give life to others. Thanks!

    • Mark Altrogge

      Thanks Briana!

  • Bethany

    Thanks for your encouragement, Mark!
    The only thing is, this is super hard. If it's going to be sincere, it's gotta come from the heart, which means I need to BE a person who has Life inside me so it can spill out. Every time I'm in a conversation, I feel that sense of total inadequacy that only God can meet.
    Being a pastor, I'm sure you know what I mean. I'd love to hear you talk about that and how you tap God's limitless resources in order to bring life to others.

    • Mark Altrogge

      Hi Bethany,

      You've hit on a battle we all have. You're right, we're all inadequate in ourselves. And you're also right – God can meet that inadequacy. The main way I think to tap God's limitless resources is to pray and ask Jesus to use us to bless others, make us fruitful, and glorify himself through us. He wants to do this even more than we do! Thanks for mentioning these things!