Would You Please Help Me In the Fight Against Abortion?

For many years I’ve felt a need to fight against abortion in America. But the problem has always been: what can I do? I can pray, but what else can I do?

Finally, there is something I can do.

Recently, Life Choices Inc., a pro-life organization, contacted me about helping them bring a free ultrasound clinic to my hometown of Indiana, PA. Bringing a free ultrasound to the area would be such a wonderful step toward saving the unborn. When a woman is confronted with a real image of the real baby in her, having an abortion is that much harder.

I want to bring this clinic to Indiana. They need $60,000 dollars to make it happen. My goal is to raise $5,000 in the effort. Of course I would love to raise much more, but let’s start at $5,000.

Would you please consider helping me in this project? I firmly believe in the power of large numbers of people making small contributions to achieve a massive objective. Thanks for your help.

I’ve embedded a widget below that will allow you to donate directly to the cause. If you want to view the donation page, click here.

Online fundraising for Bring An Ultrasound Clinic to Indiana PA

Would you also help me spread the word on this project? Thanks!

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  • http://heatherroth.wordpress.com heatherroth

    Hi Stephen – if they are officially trying to open a clinic here, may I suggest either you or they send a press release to news@indianagazette.net? A new organization opening in town would probably get a mention or a story, depending on the news cycle.

  • Stephen Altrogge

    Hey heather! That would be awesome for them to get a news release. Could you send the appropriate info to office@sgcindianapa.org so that we could forward it on to them? Thanks!!!

  • Nancy Statler

    There is already a crisis pregnancy clinic in Indiana PA, called Life-Way Pregnancy Center on Grant Street, but they don't have an ultrasound machine, as far as I know. It is a wonderful ministry I support. Maybe it would be cost-effective to team up with these dedicated people instead of trying to open an additional clinic. Maybe you want to check it out.

    • Stephen Altrogge

      Hey Nancy! Actually Life Choices will be teaming up with Life Way. My understanding is that they will be doing ultra sounds, then passing clients along to Life Way for counseling. We support both ministries!