Stuff Of the Day: Better Bible Study, Jim Gaffigan, and 10 Pranks To Pull On Your Friends

SONG I LIKE OF THE DAY: I’m really enjoying The Shins new album. I especially like the song “Rifle Spiral”. Listen to it with the Spotify player below.

BIBLE STUDY TIPS OF THE DAY: Mark Driscoll gives seven suggestions for better Bible reading. Read it here.

JIM GAFFIGAN VIDEO OF THE DAY: Jim Gaffigan is funny. And he talks about whales.

TEN PRACTICAL JOKES OF THE DAY: I enjoyed this video. Just be careful about who you prank.

  • suzanne b.

    Hi, Stephen. I just wanted to tell you that I downloaded My Friend, My Hero, My Dad from Amazon last night (for Kindle) and finished reading it this morning. I loved it! Sweet, funny, and wise. Thank you for writing it. It gave me much to think about.