• http://www.momofsix.com Helen

    Though I have never met Ian or Larissa, I have followed their story through the years. Larissa is a hero to me and I think of her and pray for her so often. My husband, Matt, has a brain tumor. It is slow growing and I have had to watch him slowly lose function over the past 4 years. I am filled with gratefulness for Ian and Larissa and the example they have set for people like me. They are so beautiful and their story simply amazing.

  • Dave

    Watching this made me realize how selfish I can be….

  • http://www.asacrificeofpraise.wordpress.com Emily

    though I’ve never met Ian and Larissa I have prayed for them both since I first heard of Ian’s accident. I cried with them through the ups and downs of this journey, I rejoiced with them through seeing God’s amazing power and sustaining strength and I’ve learned so much from their example. thanks for sharing this video. it was a great reminder of God’s power and also to keep praying for them!

  • Tessa

    Both painful and exhilarating at the same time. Their testimony puts my own light and momentary troubles into perspective. Thank you for posting this!!!

  • http://FacesOfLions.net Dave Wilson

    Beautiful story.

    Say, who's that pastor officiating the wedding? That dude is crazy annointed!

  • Charisa

    I have heard of this amazing couple. I pray the Lord would be glorified through their story, and I KNOW he is. But I do need to ask, is this a commercial for John Piper's book/ministry?

    • JJO

      I doubt that that is the point of the story but instead a reference to a resource for anyone who is in need of Marriage support.

  • Bonnie

    I believe that is Pastor Joe Ryer – the church is the Sovereign Grace Church in Indiana, Pennsylvania.

    • http://FacesOfLions.net Dave Wilson

      Actually, I'm pretty sure that it's Mark Altrogge, Stephen's dad. My attempt at humor failed.

  • Marilyn

    Beautiful love story! God's design for marriage – one man + one woman for life. The marriage vow says, for better for worse, in sickness and in health. After 40 years of marriage I can truthfully say God's plan is the best! If you walk away from your marriage on a bad day you will never know how good life could have become. Is this a commercial for John Piper? No, this is a story of love and commitment between a man, a woman and God.