Now That’s Interesting! A Font for Doctors, Cancer and Salvation, The Expendables Made by Pixar, More…

Mike Seaver: School, Suicide, Cancer, and Salvation - “I don’t know much about this Jesus thing,” said Cassy, as I entered her classroom. I had never met Cassy, but she had asked to speak with me. She said, “Can we talk?”  I said “Sure.” For the next 45 to 50 minutes Cassy asked me question after question about God, Christianity, and death.

A handwriting font for doctors - This is about right. Whenever I look at prescriptions written by my doctor I’m amazed that the folks at the pharmacy can make out anything.

While I was lining up the shot, an older man walked by, smiled,… - I like this blog, Humans of New York. It’s interesting, and it also reminds me of the masses of people who need Christ.

Basketball Class – The script was written by kids, the voices were done by kids, and the acting was done by adults. Brilliant.

If The Expendables 2 Was Made By Pixar – I would definitely see this movie.

  • yeshuabendavid

    this is my favorite one those guys did with the kid voices:

  • Nicole McLernon

    The basketball video was excellent. Made me laugh out loud!

  • Rich Starnes

    The guys who did the Kid Snippets video are from a large group of family and friends who do a lot of these. They have a whole series called “Kid History,” where the adults act out the kids’ versions of stories from the family’s history. Very funny.