God Prefers The Impossible

“In the exodus, one mighty act followed another. The story goes like this: Combine the most powerful king in the known world, slaves who stood no chance of successful insurrection because all they knew was slavery, and oppression that was getting worse. You now have the perfect ingredients for God’s decisive act of deliverance. It was the event on which God staked his reputation until it was superseded by an even more cosmic deliverance through Jesus Christ.

Here is what we learn: God prefers the impossible. Although he often cares for our needs before we know we have them, his mighty acts are showcased best against the backdrop of insurmountable odds. Anything less would detract from his greatness. In this case, all Moses did was stretch out his hand – his empty hand – and watch a mighty deliverance.” –Edward T Welch

Does your situation look impossible today? Remember God prefers the impossible. Nothing is too hard for him and his arm is not too short to save.

  • Massiel

    Excellent, thank you! Is this quote from a book?

    • MarkAltrogge

      Thanks! Yes – Edward T Welch, Running Scared, 74

  • Elaine

    When I was a child, we had an encyclopedia set of children's Bible stories, a tacky cream and red set. I was completely taken with the stories of Moses and spent hours, laying in the hallway, reading those stories over and over again. I know now the Lord was preparing me for that day, years later, when He would bring me to faith.

    I am so grateful for that tacky little set of Bible stories; it started me on my journey to Him.

    • Mark Altrogge

      Great story and memory, Elaine!

  • Caroline

    Thank you for this. Just lost my job… and searching for a new one sometimes is discouraging :( . Thank you for reminding that God is greater and bigger than all this :)

    • Mark Altrogge

      I'm so sorry to hear that Caroline. I can remember how hard it was when I was looking for a job years ago. But God was faithful to me and he will be to you as well. You are his daughter and he loves you as a Father. What father wouldn't do anything for his daughter – I know I would if I could. You are right – God is greater than all this!

  • Phillip

    God's impossibilities are victories through Christ Jesus.