My New Website

Every day I come across loads of fantastically interesting links, videos, and posts that don’t really fit the purpose of this blog. So I decided to start posting them on another blog for your enjoyment.

You can check out the site: Dangerously Interesting

  • Rick

    Clicked the link and it's just a blank page with the web-hosting site banner?????

  • photini

    Looks good! Which one will you announce part 3 of Escaping My Story on?

  • Kurt

    Hey Stephen, def. relate to your sense of humor…so I will be a reoccurring visitor :)

    2 comment on your new site:

    "You spelled coffee, with one "f" in the description on the new website"…also, is there a way to subscribe to the rss feed so I can get it on my google reader?

  • Joanna

    Enjoying it so far. Are you going to have a suggestions form where we can suggest interesting things for inclusion?

  • Roy

    Need to…
    Set up a RSS feed or
    Put a link in the sidebar of

  • Eliza

    Where is the RSS feed?

  • Leslie

    When I click on the link, I just get a banner that says bluehost and blank page below.

  • Jon

    Works for me – though I'm not sure which content is the appropriate content for the blog – I certainly enjoy your "interesting" stuff that you find.