How To Get Kicked

Nobody ever kicks a dead dog.  

I heard this “proverb” years ago and it stuck with me.  It’s probably not specifically Christian.  It means that if you don’t do anything, nobody will bother you, but when you try to do something, people will criticize you.  They’ll kick you.  If you form a band, somebody will hate your style of music.  If you run for office, you’d better be ready to have your worst photo pasted onto a negative commercial.  Open a bakery and somebody will criticize your cupcakes.  You can avoid criticism by not doing anything. Because nobody kicks a dead dog.

This is especially true for believers.  If you’re dead spiritually nobody is going to bother you. Satan isn’t going to bother you – he’s already got you. People won’t persecute you.  Sure, people will sin against you because that’s what all people do.  But try to do something for God and you’d better expect opposition.  Nobody kicks a dead dog. But once Jesus gives us life and we begin to serve him, Satan doesn’t like it.  And neither do lots of other people.  You’ll get flack sooner or later.

Moses leads the Israelites out of Egyptian slavery and they charge him with bringing them out to the desert to die.  Moses could have remained a shepherd, minding his own business, until God called him to do something for him.  If he’d kept a low profile, nobody would have bothered him.  Nobody kicks a dead dog.

Peter and John pray for a man, and Jesus heals him, then they get dragged before the council.  Paul tries to serve by gathering firewood, and gets bit by an adder.  Paul delivers a girl from demonic possession and he’s blamed for wrecking the local idol business.  Obviously, Jesus is the prime of example of doing good, then suffering for it.

Get busy serving God.  Follow him with all your heart.  Do something for him.  Share the gospel.  Serve somebody.  But don’t be surprised if you take a couple kicks to the chin.  But if you do, that’s good.  It means you’re alive.  You’re doing something for Jesus.

  • Lauren

    Welp, it's like what one cynicist once said: No good deed goes unpunished.

    • MarkAltrogge

      Interesting way to put it.

  • Marie

    A timely reminder. We do get tired of being kicked.

    • MarkAltrogge

      Someday there will be no more getting kicked…only rewards and joy

  • Kwame

    Sometimes we get scared of being criticized. helpful post. Thanks

    • Mark Altrogge

      Thanks Kwame – yes we do. I battle the fear of man and craving for approval at times.

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