If This Is Greatness Our Dreams Are Too Small

Sony recently released this trailer for the soon to be released Playstation 4.

I’m a big fan of video games. I grew up playing Nintendo, then graduated to the Sega Genesis, Super Nintendo, Playstation 2, XBox 360, and now Playstation 3. Video games, like any other form of entertainment, can be a wonderful, relaxing gift from God. In fact, just last night I was dominating the NBA, personally dropping 38 points on the Golden State Warriors. This is not a vendetta against video games. I like video games.

But I’m appealing to my generation: DON’T BUY THIS DREAM OF GREATNESS!

It is possible to spend hours upon hours, holed up by yourself, conquering worlds, leveling up characters, creating dynasty football teams, and slaying dragons. It’s possible to climb online leaderboards to the point where you become a well respected gamer. It is possible to create entire worlds, to become a digital god!

But I want my generation to dream bigger dreams for the true God!

  • Let’s not conquer a thousand digital worlds, let’s conquer the real world by proclaiming the gospel in our communities. 
  • Let’s not level up fake characters, let’s level up our own character as we pursue holiness, righteousness, and godliness. 
  • Let’s not create imaginary dynasty football teams, let’s create real dynasty churches where the gospel is passed from generation to generation. 
  • Let’s not slay pretend dragons, let’s join forces with the true King who will slay the real dragon!
  • Let’s not climb the online leaderboards, let’s climb down the ladder of servanthood.

Friends, don’t believe Sony’s cheap, hollow, unsatisfying, lie of greatness. Someday we will stand before the throne of God. On that day I want to hear him say, “Well done, good and faithful servant. You gave your greatest energy and greatest passion to me. Now enter into true greatness!”

Videogames are a wonderful blessing from God. But if videogames constitute our dreams for greatness, our dreams are way too small. Dream big for God.

  • C.J. McMurry

    Well said brother!