Possible Covers For My New Book

Artist David Seadon has been working hard on the cover for my next book. Here are a couple possibilities I really like. Whatcha think? I tend to like the grayscale minimalism but I’m also wondering if we should add a splash of color.



  • Jacob Vrolyk

    I like the first one more. Digging the minimalism, too! If you wanted to add some color, I’d suggest coloring the sun, and maybe the word “God” in the title (same color as the sun). A few solar flares protruding from the box would look cool as well (maybe adding to the idea of being untamable).

    Also, I think the serif font for your subtitle looks a little out of place with the sans text. Some font unification may be in order.

    • stephenaltrogge

      Those are great suggestions!

  • Scott Weldon

    I like the second. The “can’t put God in a box” is somewhat cliche, and the sun in the second picture captures the raging, untamed power idea. Just 2 cents from a regular “lurker”

    • stephenaltrogge

      Thanks Scott! These are helpful suggestions.

  • Pete K

    I like the first one. But both are awesome and I’m looking forward to reading it!

    • stephenaltrogge

      Thanks Pete! I sure hope you like the book!

      Stephen Altrogge
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      • Pete K

        I also agree with Jacob’s comments about the font for the subtitle. Looks a bit weird!

  • http://asmallwork.wordpress.com/ Ryan Higginbottom

    I like the second cover better. (The God-in-a-box cliche, noted earlier, is part of it) A splash of color might be nice too—some bright red/orange/yellow solar flares on the second cover could be striking.

    • stephenaltrogge

      Thanks Ryan. Helpful thoughts.

  • Lisa Colley

    I really like the second one as for me it shows power. Even though I get what is trying to be portrayed by the first one, it’s still the opposite of what you are talking about. Just my thoughts!

  • Teresa Tackett Hardymon

    I like the second one better and I would add a splash of color to the bottom half of the cover – something that says untamable…

  • Elaine

    I like the second but think it needs some color. I’m looking forward to reading it!

    • stephenaltrogge

      Thanks Elaine! I think I’ll probably go with the second one and add color. Just like you suggested!

  • Chris

    I like the second cover the best. I think it should be full colour. Raging flares and exploding sunbursts depict an untamable God. Full colour would grab the attention of the casual browser. Maybe the ‘Untamable God’ could be red against a black background.

    BTW, the son and I quite enjoyed the last superhero.

  • Fin Langman

    Stephen, I really like the big text of ‘Untamable God’ on both of them. I wonder if just the text alone (inc subtitle) would do the job. Sans-serif, as someone else mentioned). Just my view that the images themselves can’t really portray God’s ‘untamableness’…