Now That’s Interesting! Steve Martin & Kermit, Amazing Drummer, Epic Nerd Speech…

Steve Martin and Kermit the Frog Play “Dueling Banjos” – Gotta love this.

Beat Boxing With A Blade of Grass – If you’re ever in the wild and you need to beat box, this is how you do it.

Amazing Drummer – This drummer overcomes significant limitations to play drums. I love this.

The Most Epic Nerd Speech Ever – This is fantastic. (Note: One or two mild profanities).

Now That’s Interesting! Wasp Cuts Bee In Half, Breaking Facebook Addiction, Crazy Backflipping…

Wasp Cuts Bee In Half – This proves that wasps are awful. (Note: mild profanity)

Tracing Skylines – This crazy skiing video looks amazing. Red Bull has a way of making everything look amazing.

Shocking Yourself To Break Facebook Addiction – These guys went to serious lengths to break their Facebook addiction.

Flipping Out – This dude can do some serious back flipping. I got dizzy just watching him.

Now That’s Interesting! Stop Fake Crying, Cellphone Road Rage, Puffer Crop Circles…

Puffer Fish Crop Circles – God’s creation is amazing. This little puffer fish makes elaborate circles as part of the mating ritual.

How To Stop Her From Fake Crying – As a dad of three girls I’m going to have to try this.

Cellphone Road Rage – A driver causes an accident while looking at his phone. He deserves what comes next.

How To Politely React To A Terrible Engagement – Your friends gets engaged to a lousy guy. How do you respond? This is pretty funny (note: one mildly inappropriate comment).

Now That’s Interesting! School Sounds Remix, Throwback Baseball Gloves, Living Through A Phone…

Throwback Baseball Gloves – I LOVE these throwback baseball gloves. See more here.

School Sounds Remix – Edgar Camago is a DJ. He also is a school teacher. In this great video he takes sounds from his school room and mixes them into a catchy tune.

I Forgot My Phone – This short film is provoking. Do we live our lives through a screen?

The Spy Fox – This is a great animated short. The kids will like this one.

Now That’s Interesting! State With Weirdest Accent, Underwater Sinkhole, How Animals Eat Food…

Maps Showing How States Feel About Each Other – This series of maps is fascinating. See more here.

Crazy Underwater Sinkhole – I’m not sure of the science behind this, but this is out of this world.

Animals Jumping On Trampolines – There is something oddly amusing about seeing these animals bouncing around on trampolines.

How Animals Eat Their Food (Part 2) – Very absurd, yet very funny.